Our Product

Why Litex?

Filters, but Smarter

Other legal research engines: Typical filters like content type, jurisdiction, timeline

Litex: In addition to the typical filters, we provide criteria-specific search based on relevant particulars of the injured person (e.g age, injured location)

Result Relevance

Other legal research engines: Nil

Litex: Sort Cases by Relevance

  • Research cases by selecting Key Factors as Mandatory / Optional to prioritise your search results
  • Cases matching all the key factors will show first followed by those matching all the mandatory key factors

Analytics - Sentiment Analysis

Other legal research engines: Nil

Litex: Ability to assess the judicial sentiments on the credibility of plaintiff and medical experts

Functionality - Unique Analytics Dashboard

Other legal research engines: Nil

Litex: Medical expert analytics dashboard provides insights on the track record of the medical expert, i.e. cases that they have represented; and judicial preference over his/her medical reports

Judgement Directory

Other legal research engines: Nil

Litex: Jump ahead to the exact paragraph in the judgement text of the selected key cator (e.g. nature of injury)

Feature Comparison

Product Feature Litex Other Legal Research Engines Description
Data Coverage High Medium Apart from HK judiciary, new data source of apportionment decisions from Hong Kong NGOs
Search Accuracy Medium Medium Facts and determining factors of the cases are extracted by NLP, with result origin available
Filtering Efficiency High Medium Criteria-specific search base on specific particularities of the injured person (e.g. age, injured location)
Analysis Comprehensiveness High Medium Sentiment analysis adopted to assess judicial sentiment of injured workers’ credibility
UI and UX Friendliness High Medium Effective & Efficient Presentation: Facts and determining factors of cases are presented in table form
Functionality High Medium Inclusive product offering: Interactive analytics dashboard, Employment compensation estimator
Industry Uniqueness High Low First mover advantage: 1st ECPI-targeted HK-based engine
Pricing Flexibility High Medium Fixed charge, monthly plan avalible